Périclès, Prince de Tyr 2018


Yet cease your ire, you angry stars of heaven!
Wind, rain, and thunder, remember, earthly man
Is but a substance that must yield to you…

Périclès is one of Shakespeare’s strangest and most heart rending plays. Périclès navigates a stormy sea of pirates, magicians, brothels, kidnappers, tournaments, plots against his life… and divine intervention from the Goddess Diana. Incest, treachery, murder, love, joy all explode in this giant theatrical firework…Yet this remarkable play has resonance far beyond the time when it was written: today’s Mediterranean is no stranger to appalling and desperate voyages.

It is a fable of a man who becomes estranged from those he loves, who slowly and miraculously becomes re-united with them, more through fate than by his efforts. It is about the mystery of love, loss and of love rediscovered after a painful and confusing absence. The embers dim and glow in one of the greatest and most moving scenes Shakespeare ever wrote.

Produced by Cheek by Jowl in a co-production the Barbican, London; Les Gémeaux/Sceaux/Scène Nationale; Théâtre du Nord, CDN Lille-Tourcoing-Hauts de France

The first performance of Périclès, Prince de Tyr was at Les Gemeaux, Sceaux, France on 8th March 2018.

Trailer for Périclès, Prince de Tyr

Audience Reactions to Périclès, Prince de Tyr

Xavier BoiffierAntiochus / Léonin / Bout / Lysimaque
Christophe GrégoirePériclès / Cléon / Le Maître
Valentine CatzéflisAntiochus's Daughter / Marina
Cécile LetermeDoctor / Simonide / Cérimon / Diane
Camille CayolDionysa / Thaïsa / La Maquerelle
Guillaume PottierFisherman / Knight / Gentleman
Martin NikonoffFisherman / Knight / Gentleman

DirectorDeclan Donnellan
DesignerNick Ormerod
Lighting DesignerPascal Noël
Sound DesignerKenan Trevien
Costume SupervisorAngie Burns
Vocal CoachValérie Bezançon
Assistant DirectorMarcus Roche
Associate DirectorMichelangelo Marchese
Technical DirectorAndré Neri
LightingVincent Gabriel
SoundKenan Trevien
WardrobeMarina Aguilar
Assistant Stage ManagerLucile Quinton
Consultant ProducerLes 2 Bureaux / Prima Donna
Company ManagerSharlit Deyzac
Rehearsal & Production PhotographyPatrick Baldwin

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