The Tempest 2011 - 2014

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There is something very modern about this character who is desperately learning to forgive.

Prospero is learning how to deal with the fact that reality is not how he would like it to be; and he has lived in a very controlled universe and he is trying to break free of that.

He has got to sort out the relationship with his daughter, his relationship with his environment and his relationship with himself.

He must learn how to forgive, and the play is about someone screaming noisily trying to learn how to forgive and leaving the world of revenge behind him. It’s a very anarchic play.

-Declan Donnellan, Artistic Director, on The Tempest


We are such stuff / As dreams are made on: and our little life / Is rounded with a sleep


A Chekhov International Festival production in association with Cheek by Jowl, with support from Théâtre Les Gemeaux Scène Nationale, Sceaux. The first performance of this production was at Les Gemeaux, Sceaux, Paris, on 26th January 2011.

Venue City Country Date No. of Performances
Les Gemeaux Sceaux, Paris France 26/01/11 19
Warwick Arts Centre Coventry UK 03/03/11 4
Oxford Playhouse Oxford UK 08/03/11 6
Nuffield Theatre Southampton UK 16/03/11 4
Barbican London UK 07/04/11 11
Mossovyet Theatre Moscow Russia 25/05/11 3
Platonov Festival Voronezh Russia 04/06/11 2
NTFI Naples Italy 30/06/11 2
Pushkin Theatre Moscow Russia 16/11/11 2
Teatro Lliure Barcelona Spain 01/12/11 5
National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center Taipei Taiwan 17/02/12 3
Capital Theatre Beijing China 16/03/12 3
Mossovyet Theatre Moscow Russia 19/06/12 1
Teatro Municipal de las Condes Santiago Chile 18/01/2013 3
Teatro Solis Montevideo Uruguay 27/01/2013 3
Ekaterinburg Ekaterinburg Russia 16/04/2013 2
Opera and Ballet Theatre Samara Russia 20/04/2013 2
LG Arts Centre Seoul South Korea 01/10/13 3
Teatro Colsubsidio Bogotá Columbia 16/04/14 5
Teatro de Nacional Venezuela Caracas Venezuela 23/04/14 3

E-Trailer for The Tempest

Mikhail ZhigalovKing Alonso
Pavel KuzminSebastian
Igor YasulovichProspero
Evgeny SamarinAntonio
Yan IlvesFerdinand
Alexander LenkovGonzalo
Sergey ZaitsevAdrian
Vadim NorshteinFrancisco
Alexander FeklistovCaliban
Ilia IlinTrinculo
Sergey KoleshynaStephano
Maxim OnishchenoMaster of the Ship
Gela MeskhiBoatswain
Anna KhalilulinaMiranda
Andrey KuzichevAriel

DirectorDeclan Donnellan
DesignerNick Ormerod
Lighting DesignerKristina Hjelm
MusicDmitry Volkov
Assistant DirectorKirill Sbitnev
ChoreopgrapherKonstantin Mishin
Assistant ChoreographerIrina Koshuba
Interpreter / Literary ConsultantAnna Kolesnikova
Costume Designer's AssistantNatalia Vedeneeva
Stage ManagerOlga Vasilevskaya
Company ManagerOlga Sharapova
Technical DirectorVladimir Kizeev
Tour ManagerAnna Krasnova

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