Three Sisters 2005 - 2011

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Arguably the greatest play of the twentieth century, Three Sisters tells the tale of Olga, Irina and Masha whose lives are turned upside down by the arrival of glamourous officer Vershinin to their remote town.


What seems to us serious, significant and important will, in future times, be forgotten or won’t seem important at all


Their eternal struggle to live and to love is charted with Chekov’s sharp eye and unfailing humanity.


Produced by the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematagrophy, Committee for Culture of Moscow, Chekhov International Theatre Festival (Moscow); Theatre “Les Gemeaux” (Paris), Theatre “La Filature” (Mulhouse); in cooperation with Theatre “Cheek by Jowl” (London). With support of the British Council in Russia. The first performance of this production was given on 6th April 2005 at Les Gemeaux, Sceaux, Paris.

Venue City Country Dates
Les Gemeaux Sceaux, Paris France 01/04/05 – 24/04/05
La Filature Mulhouse France 28/04/05 – 30/04/05
Bogotá International Festival Bogotá Columbia 31/03/06 – 02/04/06
Pushkin Theatre Moscow Russia 24/06/06 – 03/07/06
Cambridge Arts Theatre Cambridge UK 24/04/07 – 28/04/07
Warwick Arts Centre Coventry UK 01/05/07 – 05/05/07
Northern Stage Newcastle UK 09/05/07 – 12/05/07
Barbican London UK 15/05/07 – 19/05/07
Finnish National Theatre Helsinki Finland 31/08/07 – 02/09/07
The Opera House Wellington New Zealand 22/02/08 – 28/02/08
Brisbane Festival Brisbane Australia 29/07/08 – 03/08/08
Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg Russia 06/09/09 – 10/09/09
Dublin Theatre Festival Dublin Ireland 29/09/09 – 03/10/09
Theatre Yalta Yalta Ukraine 29/01/10 – 30/01/10
Kennedy Center Washington DC USA 19/10/10 – 20/10/10
Theatre Royal Nottingham UK 08/06/11 – 11/06/11
Mossovyet Theatre Moscow Russia 21/06/12
Centro Dramático Nacional Madrid Spain 01/11/12 – 04/11/12
Teatre Municipal Girona Spain 09/11/12 – 10/11/12
Pushkin Theatre Moscow Russia 10/12/12
Vakhtangov Theatre Moscow Russia 25/12/12
Maly Theatre Saint Petersburg Russia 26/04/13 – 27/04/13

Clips from Three Sisters.

Alexei DadanovProzorov Andrey Sergeevich
Victoria Tolstoganova / Ekaterina SibiryakovaNatalia Ivanovna, his fiancée
Evgenia DmitrievaOlga
Irina GrinevaMasha
Nelly UvarovaIrina
Vitaly Egorov / Evgeny Pisarev Kulygin Fedor Ilyich, Masha's husband
Alexander FeklistovVershinin Alexander Ignatievich
Andrey KuzichevTuzenbakh Nikolay Ljovich
Andrey MerzlikinSoleny Vasily Vasilievich
Mikhail Zhigalov / Igor YasulovichChebutykin Ivan Romanovich
Yury MakeevFedotik Alexey Petrovich
Mikhail DementievRode Vladimir Karpovich
Igor Yasulovich / Mikhail Zhigalov / Yury SmirnovFerapont, Caretaker
Galina MorachyovaAnfisa, Nurse

DirectorDeclan Donnellan
DesignerNick Ormerod
Lighting DesignerJudith Greenwood
Assistant DirectorEvgeny Pisarev
MusicSergey Chekryzhov
Vocal CoachAida Khorosheva
Movement CoachRamune Khodorkaite
Interpreter, Literary ConsultantDina Dodina
Costume Designer's AssistantNatalia Vedeneeva
Stage ManagerOlga Vasilevskaya
Technical DirectorVladimir Kizeev

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